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Implementation process

It begins with a vision

A vision of a better future, one where business and IT are seamlessly integrated to provide you the competitive edge.

Be it an idea that you jotted down on a napkin or one that has been meticulously drawn up by your IT department, we’ll be on hand to provide you with the skills and expertise to get the rubber on the road.

Needs assessment

We identify gaps between the client’s current conditions and the future vision by actively engaging with the client and stakeholders.

We welcome challenging requirements, our experience and proven track record allows us to extract the right requirements by asking the right questions and posing a wide range of considerations.

Project proposal

A proposed solution is presented for the client to review and accept if they are happy with the forthcoming solution.

A typical project proposal includes:

  • System design: Documenting the system’s functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Planning: Document project timelines and milestones.
  • Costing: The proposal stipulates the costing in a transparent manner for your piece of mind.

Digiata assemble!

With over 100 highly skilled employees in our arsenal, we hand-pick a team poised to deliver.

Our employees are highly motivated and ready to step up to even the greatest of challenges.

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Solution development

Our development method is built on a foundation of efficiency and effectiveness. The team delivers functional software frequently, allowing you to measure progress in a tangible manner. Our dynamic, agile approach lets us adapt to change; test, with data, early; and involve the client early and often. Every step of the way.

Why Agile?

Agile keeps the client involved throughout the project, resulting in a high degree of transparency.
The Agile approach delivers new features quickly and often, increasing timeline predictability.

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Our solution is deployed once user acceptance testing has been approved. We work together with stakeholders to ensure succesful deployment. Once the solution is live we will be on hand to provide support, ensuring that everything is functioning correctly.
Initial meeting & requirements gathering High level design Formulateproposal Development of core functionality Release into QA Release into QA Add functionality Deploy v1.00into production Add functionality Review & sign off proposal Test & approveiteration 1 Review & sign off Review & sign off Release into QA