Impeccable Track Record

Solving our clients’ unique business challenges has been at the heart of our innovative software solutions for over 21 years.

People Power

Our 140+ strong team of skilled employees are highly motivated and primed to solve any challenge.

Agility In Action

Using Agile methodologies and an iterative feedback loop, we adapt quickly and deliver on time.

Data Migration

Digiata offers financial services companies the best of both worlds. First, an industry-leading comprehensive data migration framework that is based on two decades of experience. Then, Digiata works closely with its customer’s in-house experts and the target system vendor to define a comprehensive, customised data migration plan. Any Digiata data migration is underpinned by the ability to move data from any source, to any target, any way.

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Active Liquidity Platform

Digiata, with more than 20 years of financial services experience, has partnered with Kyriba, the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions, to transform how to use your liquidity as a dynamic vehicle for growth and value creation.

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Low-code platform for process management & CRM

A global software company providing a leading low-code platform for process management and CRM. Together with Digiata’s highly skilled teams and deep domain experience, the Creatio platform allows Digiata’s clients to transform and grow rapidly.

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Business Intelligence & Reporting

Harnessing the power of data analysis, business intelligence empowers organisations to make better-informed business decisions. At Digiata, we are experts in data-driven projects, which ensures that we can rapidly implement and deliver a high-quality, robust business intelligence solution to meet your data-driven needs. Oftentimes, data is complex or disorganised, which makes it a difficult and tedious task to extract helpful information from data and create insightful reports. Digiata can help you unlock insights in your data. This is accomplished with widely known and utilized business intelligence tools, which allow for data operations such as monitoring, analytics, and reporting.

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Onboarding, Verification & KYC Automation

End-to-end onboarding, instant verification and KYC automation will grant your customers a quick, simple onboarding experience irrespective of the channel they choose, all of which will be integrated into a single ecosystem on your end.

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Process Automation

We specialise in business process automation that is aimed at improving your processes, ensuring less waste, more value and a better customer experience.

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Data Reconciliation, is not only about matching and control. The typical value chain requires extract from complex systems, data manipulation, exception handling and posting. Matching includes “many-to-1 scenarios or sometime complex “fuzzy” logic. Digiata has been helping clients not only solve complex reconciliation problems, our solutions are aimed at end-to-end process automation and STP. This combined effort of experience and software gives you the comfort of efficiencies and proper process control.

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Payments Processing

Leverage our expertise and proven payment systems to simplify and automate your entire payment cycle, end-to-end, merge disparate banking systems, mitigate risk, and significantly bolster your ability to handle transaction growth.

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Integration & Automation

We provide the technical expertise, experience and software solutions necessary to consolidate disparate data sources, systems, formats and APIs into one centralised, automated ecosystem. Achieve real-time visibility over your data, reduce risk and give yourself time to focus on the future.

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Software development

Digiata’s software development team is made up of curious, innovative developers who are obsessed with what they do and how they do it. The company’s core value is ongoing learning, and as such, the software development team acquires knowledge and experience enthusiastically and continually.

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